On 3rd-25th August 2018, Jennifer made her debut solo appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in her show 'Jennifer Lack: Narratively Satisfying'. The show is coming to London for one night only on the 8th October 2018. You can buy tickets here

Narratively Satisfying

Jennifer plays 'The Author' at a reading of her new epistolary novel. Its plot: Jennifer's childhood mission to find out why her grandma committed suicide in 2009. With 'help' from her hero Virginia Woolf, this quixotic quest takes Jennifer to the very edge of sanity, and challenges her to battle grief (her greatest enemy) before it destroys her. Boldly metafictional, 'Jennifer Lack: Narratively Satisfying' asks: do we author our own destinies? And if not, who (or what) does?